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I’ve had this project in mind for a while now, and there’s a few reasons I’m finally pulling the trigger on it today. For one thing, it’s my birthday, and I like to do nice things for folks on my birthday, so … free art, right? That seems nice.

The other reason is I’ve been sitting on this useless P.O.Box for a year now. When my dad died a while back, I was made the executor of his estate. I set up this box to handle all the necessary correspondence, and my trips to the post office were just the most depressing parts of my week - it was all bills, notices, legal documents, subscriptions I had to cancel, porn (my dad sure loved porn!), mail from his lawyers and accountants and such. All of these reminders twice or three times a week that my dad was dead, which kept making me miserable even months after he passed away.

That poor P.O.Box was just brimming with depressed negativity, I figure, and I wanted to do something positive to clean out all the bad juju before I gave it up and let some other poor sap have it. So now I’m inviting everyone from anywhere in the world to send a postcard to that address and get a free sketch in return! It’ll be a cleansing exercise … you know, for the post office box, y’see.

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This is still a thing up through the end of 2014! Get in on it!


Shielding it up.


Night Two of King of Trios was all about tragedy and pathos. #kingoftrios #KOT #chikara @chikarapro

King of Trios night one quick draw draws

First night of King if Trios was pretty amazing. Right, Fire Ant? #kingoftrios #fireant #thecolony


Pretty Cute



Page from my new book. Buy it here:

New book of gag cartoons from Sam Sharpe!  Very funny and disgustingly well drawn.  



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I’ve added a bunch of NEW stuff to my store:

The commissions are a limited amount for a limited time - I’m about to start my new book so I soon will not have time.

The Butts comic and prints are a limited amount so if you want them you need to get them while they’re available!

My working process is no doubt much the same as yours and the same as many other people. The artistic process seems to be mythologized quite a lot into something far greater than it actually is. It is just hard labor… As anyone who actually writes knows, if you sit down and are prepared, then the ideas come. There’s a lot of different ways people explain that, but, you know, I find that if I sit down and I prepare myself, generally things get done.

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I was just talking about this specifically this weekend after having overheard another table at a convention speak, at length, on “process.”   

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