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I didn’t do it yesterday because I guess everyone was at a lake or something, but yesterday was the ten year anniversary of the release of my first full-length comic, Tales from the Bully Pulpit.

Prior to this, I had done short stories and backups online and running in Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s Invincible, but this 64-page one-shot from Image Comics was my first full-length thing.

Here is the premise: Teddy Roosevelt steals a time machine with which he meets up with the ghost of Thomas Edison and the two of them travel to the distant future of 2008, where they battle Hitler on Mars. It’s a low-concept, character-driven piece about the human condition.

Some notes on credits:

  • The art is by Graeme MacDonald, a cool dude who has been working in animation basically since this came out
  • The colors are by Ron Riley, whose other credits include Tech Jacket and the recent Krampus! series from Image. I think I owe him money
  • The cover, despite being uncredited inside because I’m an idiot, is by Tony Moore. Sorry, Tony. Also: even though it’s been done a thousand times since, I am pretty sure Tony’s work on this cover is the first time the trompe-l’oeil-faux-distressed cover effect was done.
  • The lettering is credited to a “Chad Manion.” This is not a real person. The lettering is by Robert Kirkman, who used a pseudonym so that his contribution to the book would not overshadow the rest of the creative team.

The book has been out of print for years, but the good news is, you can have it on your phone, tablet, or computing device thanks to Comixology!

So: check it out if you haven’t. Maybe I can see about posting other Bully Pulpit-related material this week to celebrate the big 1-0.

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Did I mention that you can get my Fishbird comicbook (for mature readers only!) as a physical book, now? Because you can. You totally can.

It’s only $12 + shipping (and you can also get it signed and even sketched if you’d like) via my Etsy store. I ship everywhere.


- Not a single trio from the first King of Trios still teams together in CHIKARA.

- In fact, the only Kings of Trios that are still a functioning unit is the Spectral Envoy. No past King of Trios team is still intact in it’s entirety.

- That said, there are several King of Trios…

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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

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When you first got into comics, did you feel like you were better at, or more interested in, the drawing or the writing? I want to make my own comics, but I feel like my art straggles behind my writing. How can I cause these two aspects of comic-making to come together within myself, and make the works I want to make?
robotmountain robotmountain Said:



Oh hey, this is something I think a lot about, actually! So when I started making comics (15 years ago this month, haha), I was really terrible at drawing. And I wanted to do, y’know, GRAPHIC NOVELS, with fairly realistically drawn characters and backgrounds and things that are hard to draw. Things that I didn’t really have the skills to draw at the time. So I’d draw my comics and the art was generally pretty terrible. But I was comfortable with writing, and that helped me keep going with making comics, because I enjoyed the storytelling aspect of them so much. 

It’s hard when you feel pretty okay about your writing but your art doesn’t measure up. I kind of feel like my art still doesn’t measure up to what I want it to be (mostly right now I want it to be Hiromu Arakawa, which will never happen, no matter how much I practice), but I’m very comfortable with the writing part of comics, so I look at that as my great strength in my work. It makes up for where my art is lacking, and I work hard at writing to make the sum total of my work better than if I was just writing or just drawing.

I mean, the absolute best thing about comics (to me) is that you don’t need to be a spectacular artist to make really great, involving comics. I’m not an amazing technical artist. During my down times, I don’t draw gorgeous illustrations or do amazing paintings (I kind of dislike doing that kind of thing, to be honest). I will never be Gillian Tamaki. But I’m good at storytelling, and I’m good at interpreting emotion and drawing that on the comic page. So I work to my strengths, which is making stories about engaging characters, and laying out scenes where there is a lot of emotion running through them, and people who like my comics don’t seem to mind that my art is not as great as Gillian Tamaki or Hiromu Arakawa.

Comics aren’t just art or just writing, they’re the two combined to make something new and wonderful. They are more than the sum of their parts. So work hard to because a decent artist with a good grasp of storytelling basics (this is super important!), and work harder to become a truly excellent writer and storyteller, and you can quite possibly make great comics! It worked for me. :)

This describes my experience almost exactly.



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My piece for Hub Comics’ In The Name Of The Moon art show. I’m fairly certain this is my first watercolor in over a year.

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On September 13-14 I will be at SPX, sharing Table H-5 with the wonderfully talented Erica Henderson.  If you would like one of my fancy watercolor commissions or a regular commission contact me at starr226(at)


You’d think a pretty girl ought have nicer friends.