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Dr. Leonard McCoy by Kyle Starks. I got this as a bonus when I contributed to the Kickstarter for the funny, surprisingly moving 80s movie pastiche Sexcastle, which you can now order.


By Derek Charm

From 2299, Volume 1
A Sci-Fi Anthology of Transmissions From the Future
80+ pages of comics for $2. Available now on Gumroad.

Guys, go check out what’s happening with 2299. I’m for reals. Look at those pretty Derek Charm pages. Don’t you want to read all the Kyle Starks? Sure you do. 80 pages for $2 is a deal.

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Asker vyria Asks:
You don't follow me, so in case you didn't catch the response in my reblog: During an after-match brawl, Estonian Thunder Frog flew off the top rope with the Hammer of Peace onto Tursas, killing him. At some point later, Deucalion did a lethal backbreaker on Thunderfrog. Along with DeviAnt and Kobald, this is a murderfilled return of Chikara = /
robotmountain robotmountain Said:

Thank you for the head’s up! Don’t forget Private Eye Jr

Hey, Everyone. Hey. Chikara is straight up KILLING wrestlers. Amazing.


Too many casualties.

Hold on, what?


No one is more excited about Batgirl’s new costume than Kara.

Original available here
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Mike Maihack is a most special baby

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fuckin nerds

So Okada just has to sit through press conferences with Shinsuke making faces behind everyone’s back like your jerk best friend in high school.

Shinsuke can not help his face.




hey all!  I’m selling custom portraits over at my new etsy shop, check em out, order one, or share the link with someone you think might be interested! 

(thanks to all my models, too)


A.I.M agents are expected to maintain a professional distance between the Avengers and themselves, unless actively attempting to destroy them.

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here are covers to comics that I probably won’t write stories for. I just think of the titles and possible covers sometimes and it gives me some good giggles.

maybe Cosmic Teen will happen someday. Slam Duck is still working through the d league* of my brain.

*duck league